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The North Focus is back in its 2nd generation – explosive pop, dynamic flex, precise response. This board is the weapon of choice of KOTA winning riders like Jesse Richman and Freestyle enthusiasts alike! It offers a great overall balance for various conditions and riding styles.

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  • All-round Freestyle Kiteboard by North Kiteboarding

    The North Focus 2021 Kiteboard is back! For its second-generation North has finetuned and combined features of the Focus Hybrid 2020 and Focus Carbon 2020 into the new Focus 2021 Kiteboard. The Focus 2021 has a hybrid construction but is reinforced with strategically placed strips of carbon to provide you the best balance between explosive pop, chop eating abilities as well as soft and controlled landings.
    The Focus 2021 Kiteboard is the weapon of choice for riders like Jesse Richman. The board is a dedicated all-round freestyle kiteboard for progressive riders, who are looking for an agile, playful and performance oriented twintip. Just like Jesse, the North Focus 2021 is delivering in both freestyle and all-round big air. Therefore, you can mount boots as well as pads & straps on the North Focus 2021.

    Whats new about the Focus 2021 are the new pulled-in tips as well as new 40mm fins. The pulled-in tips add to the robustness of the board. Do not worry about dings in your rail anymore when traveling or going for a shred at a spot with a lot of rocks. The new 40mm composite fins provide you more grip in the water, so can hit your take-off harder and more precise. They also make cruising upwind easier, which is something any kiteboarder enjoys.

    The North Focus 2021 is built with a wood core, carbon reinforcements and fiberglass coating. These carbon strips provide a lot of pop but do not take away too much flex, especially in the longitudinal axis. This means, you can nail your take off but the tips will still absorb the majority of the chop so that the board is not too tough on your knees. The North Focus 2021 has a great balance between stiffness and flex to create a powerful but also comfortable ride.

    At the bottom of the North Focus 2021, a quad concave provides extra grip along with the channels at the tip and the new 40mm fins. The reinforced backbone eliminates reverse flex and enables controlled landings, when coming in hot after your sick handle pass or kite loop.

    The North Focus 2021 is available in four sizes: 133cm x40cm, 136cm x 41cm, 139cm x 42cm and 142cm x 43cm.


    • All-round Freestyle
    • Hybrid Carbon Construction
    • King of the Air Winner
    • new: Pulled-In Tips
    • new: 40mm Fins
    • Quad Tip Channels
    • Quad Concave Bottom Shape
    • Square Outline
    • Progressive Rocker
    • Compatible with Boots and Pads & Straps
    • Including Fins and Grab Handle


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136X41, 139X42

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