NSP Instigator Surf SUP 8.6′ x 28″


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The Instigator is the latest design in NSP’s line of dedicated Surf SUP boards, tested by Ty Judson and the International Team riders.

Available in four sizes, it is a versatile surf SUP featuring a shortboard-inspired outline and a 4+1 fin cluster for a variety of fin setups.

The Instigator is a take-no-prisoners performance board.

Featuring a deep single concave nose to tail and slightly curvier rocker complimented by a heavily influenced performance shortboard outline this Surf SUP board is designed for those who are about to rock.

With its curvy rocker, squash tail, and hard tail edges the concave acts to straighten the curve along the stringer creating a board that is blisteringly fast but has a short turning arc that wants to go vertical and fit into hollower waves.


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– Deep single concave for maximum speed, combined with a curvy rocker, fast and loose
– Shortboard-inspired outline
– 4+1 fin box cluster
– Comes with 2+1 set of high-performance RTM fins


Whether you ride thrusters, quads or something even less conventional, with a very complete 4+1 cluster, the Instigator is going to accommodate your favorite fin setup. It comes with four FTU boxes (compatible with Futures® fins) and a single US10 slot.

Out of the box, each Instigator comes with a set of  J3 performance side bites and the Wave 6 center fin.

The NSP Instigator is an Alain Teurquetil design.


Length Width Thickness Volume Weight +/- 5%
7’0” 25″ 3 ³/⁴” 75 Liters 5.55 Kg EST
7’6” 27″ 3 ¹³/¹⁶” 89 Liters 6.30 Kg EST
8’0” 27 ¹/²” 4 ¹/¹⁶” 103 Liters 6.93 Kg EST
8’6” 28″ 4 ¹/⁴” 117 Liters 7.58 Kg EST

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