Here at the HOUSE we love wing foiling for the large range of options ion riding styles it provides but mostly for the large range of spots that you can go riding at…. you can ride inside cities like Limassol, ride with offshore wind at spots like Ladiesmile or go for down-winds from Paramali to Kurium!

                                                                 The riding opportunities are endless with Wing Foiling!

Wing foil SCHOOL team

Our school provides foil lessons for all levels, from beginners to advance riders. All our instructors are experienced, very passionate and eager to please you. Our courses are usually one on one with the exception if requested to have two students. Our wing foil school is equipped with the latest North wings and foils that are specifically designed for schools and progression riding. Our courses include all gear required as well as safety gear. Your assigned instructor will take you through the complex stages of foiling in the safest and faster way possible.

Wing Foil Lessons

1 hour private lesson – 80 EUR

Do you want to discover the sport and learn how to master the wind? Your Instructor will introduce you to various aspects of the sport, and teach you how to hone various skills on land before performing on water all the while learning the safety rules. 
  • Be able to swim
  • Be in good health with no physical restriction.

Wing foil rental – 40 EUR

Are you ready to get wet? It’s time for your to enjoy time out in the winter testing our North gear. 
  • Complete the discovery course or equivalent level
  • Be able to swim
  • Be in good health with no physical restriction.

downwind Mission – CONTACT US FOR PRICES

  • A group activity with one of our experts on a downwind mission. 
  • Includes all safety gear and transportation.  

contact details

  • Board House – +35725105956
  • Zanos Hadjizacharias – +35799629911
  • Costas Symeonides- +35799436343

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