Christodoulos Christodoulou

Christodoulos was born in Pafos and he family home is only two minutes from his local spot. A true local and soul surfer! 

He started surfing back in the day when one day while enjoying the beautiful weather in Cyprus he noticed some tourists surfing at Sandy beach. He did not know where to get a board so he got an inflatable bed and got out to play with the waves… as a coincidence the following days a relative from abroad visited us with a real surfboard. That is when my love with the sport started! 

An army graduate from the navy seal (OYK), his love for extreme sports, his love for the sea and what it has to offer… Christodoulos is recognised as one of the best life guards in Pafos. If he is not surfing or enjoying some other activity you will find him looking out at the beachgoers at one of the most dangerous beaches in Cyprus. ]

His advice to all new surfers is “if this sport does not touch your hart from the first moments in the water, then there is no reason to go deeper”. 

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