Costas Symeonides

Costas Symeonides is a Cypriot athlete and trainer of windsurfing and stand up paddling. In his career as a coach he trained and prepared athletes for the Olympic Games (Pavlos Kontides – silver medal and Andreas Kariolou), who have achieved remarkable results and made our island proud. His passion is to constantly search for new talents and this was the driving force in creating a team of children who intensively train both inside and outside the water. His hard work and determination has led to the attainment of high goals (the first and second place at the “Greek Isthmus Crossing) in the last two years and the achievement of a 15-year old member of his team who finished at the 18th place at the “Barcelona SUP World Series Pro Category”. In addition, Costas trains a team of men and women achieving the first and second place at the “Greek Isthmus Crossing During the past 2 years Costas and his team have supported and encouraged Cypriot athletes and promoted the spirit of noble rivalry by organizing the Pancyprian SUP races, which were quite successful with more than 75 participants taking part in the Sprint Race, the Long Distance Race, and Downwind. Costas trains daily for approximately 7 hours (SUP Surfing, uphill boarding, windsurfing, gymnastics and cycling) and he paddles everyday under various conditions (open water, flat water, up / down and side wind or wave training). He increases gradually his training time so that by the end of July 2018 he can paddle for 11 hours daily under any weather conditions. He is physically and psychologically prepared to face this year’s “charity” challenge (Mykonos – Cyprus), more effectively.

Co-owner of Board House! 

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