Georgia Xenofontos

Gigi is is the wild card on this team! Always pops out from behind the scenes and spreads her good vibes in the line-up! 

Hi everyone I’m Gigi. I am 28 years born in Pafos. I am half Cypriot half Mexican. I discovered surfing here when I was 13 years old. When I’m surfing I feel peace fullness and myself most. All my worries go away. Growing up surfing has inspired me to travel the world searching for the best waves. When I’m not in the ocean I play professional football for my local team as well as the national team of Cyprus. For the last couple of years I’ve also been running a cafe in the old town with my mom. Sykaminia cafe is the oldest cafe in Pafos established in 1930. Our mission is to make everyone feel happy and welcomed. Enjoying our menu of Cypriot traditional foods and drinks. 

Joining the Board House team is a great honour.

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