• waterproof DK-Dry technology
    • High mezzanine insulation
    • high quality, water-resistant leather material
    • Nylon and polyester covered back
    • Durable water repellent treatment (DWR)
    • Warm knit lining
    • Thumb panel of absorbent material (by rubbing nose)
    • integrated into the pocket for Taschenwärmer
    • Removable inner glove (touch screen compatible)
    • 79% Nylon or polyamide – 21% Leather

    • DK DRY®: polyurethane sections prevent moisture penetration, provide the best comfort and keep hands dry.
    • DWR: Durable Water Repellent treatment prevents moisture penetration, keeping hands dry.
    • Dakine Heat Index (from 1 to 5): 4
    • Weight: 0.200 kg
    • Integrated wrist protection
    • Ergonomic pre-shaped fingers
    • Rubbertec hand surface for extra grip
    • Wide velcro closure on the wrist
    • Extra long fit over the wrist
    • Drawcord on the cuff
    • Material: 72% polyester, 26% polyurethane, 2% leather

    The Dakine brand Nova Glove gloves will accompany you perfectly to help you defy all the elements to face the winter! Made with a soft and comfortable knit lining , this pair of gloves will optimize warmth and retain it throughout the day . The materials used for the outside of the pair will be water- repellent preventing moisture from entering the fabrics as well as a DK Dry Waterproof membrane which will keep your hands warm and dry !

    Dakine Heat Index : 4/5

    DK DRY® prevents moisture from penetrating into fabrics providing optimal comfort and keeping your hands dry

    DWR® water repellent treatment

    High Loft Synthetic, synthetic insulation providing comfort and warmth without neglecting breathability

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